Nandini Steel


Nandini Steel
Workers: we have a variety of workers that have different responsibility to make a whole production line,as in the pictures, they are careful about every product and every product points, to make our product meet the customers’ requirement.
Designers: As we can see in the picture, we have a team of designers to machine our customers’ special requirement. So we are not only good at producing the standard product and good at do like as customers desire to have our customer respected fully.
Inspectors: As we can see in the pictures, we have many experienced inspectors; they know how to use the inspection equipment and to make sure every product better and better, and think over how to make the product like the same good one.
Salesmen: We have a team to sale our product, they know how to communicate with our customers and with workers in our factory, to let the factory know the customers meaning very clear, and will reply customers in time and make solutions for customers. And they think it important to keep customers own-logo product secret.